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Welcome To Poppit Path Group

The St Dogmaels to Poppit Path will provide a key link for pedestrians and cyclists between the village and the beach. Currently there is no path and the route is highly dangerous to walk or cycle along.

£'s needed to match fund

£ Cost of Feasability Study

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Latest news

In August 2016 we secured funding of £15,000.00 towards a feasibility study. We are currently raising £6429.00 in match funding as the overall cost of the feasibility study is estimated at £21,429.00. Donate

Our aim

Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group is a constituted group with the sole aim of campaigning for a safe and accessible path from St Dogmaels to Poppit Sands. We believe that a safe and accessible path will enable pushchairs, wheelchairs, runners, cyclists and walkers a safe route to the beach.

Our future plans

  • Invite tenders to the feasibility study
  • Commission the feasibility study.
  • Present the findings of the feasibility study at a community engagement event.
  • A community appeal for headcam, dashcam and photographs demonstrating the challenges and dangers of using the stretch of road from The Moorings to Poppit Sands.
  • A school project & Assembly petitionng code.

Who we are

The group is made up of:

  • Tim Tagg (Chair)
  • Jonny Lewis (Secretary)
  • Tom Wells (Treasurer)
  • Clive Jenkins (Digital Communications)
  • Jonny James
  • Sarah Tagg.

Drop Us a Line

Please contact us with ideas or suggestions, or just a note of support.