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Welcome To Poppit Path Group

The St Dogmaels to Poppit Path will provide a key link for pedestrians and cyclists between the village and the beach. Currently there is no path and the route is highly dangerous to walk or cycle along.

Feasibility Study Documents

£'s needed to match fund

£ Cost of Feasability Study

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Latest news

In August 2016 we secured funding of £15,000.00 towards a feasibility study. We are currently raising £6429.00 in match funding as the overall cost of the feasibility study is estimated at £21,429.00.

Our aim

Grwp Llwybr Poppit Path Group is a constituted group with the sole aim of campaigning for a safe and accessible path from St Dogmaels to Poppit Sands. We believe that a safe and accessible path will enable pushchairs, wheelchairs, runners, cyclists and walkers a safe route to the beach.

Our future plans

  • Invite tenders to the feasibility study
  • Commission the feasibility study.
  • Present the findings of the feasibility study at a community engagement event.
  • A community appeal for headcam, dashcam and photographs demonstrating the challenges and dangers of using the stretch of road from The Moorings to Poppit Sands.
  • A school project & Assembly petitionng code.

Who we are

The group is made up of:

  • Tim Tagg (Chair)
  • Jonny Lewis (Secretary)
  • Tom Wells (Treasurer)
  • Clive Jenkins (Digital Communications)
  • Jonny James
  • Sarah Tagg.

Drop Us a Line

Please contact us with ideas or suggestions, or just a note of support.